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Deep within an underground city, in the far corner just outside the skirt of the city lied a building that was dimly lit. Inside, a female sat in what seemed like a run-down and old holding cell. Chained down to a chair, her head drooped down, but her eyes were open. Battered and badly beaten, she seemed to of been barely clinging onto life, blood slowly seeping from the cuts and gashes. It wasn't long before the metal door flung open and dark, shadow like entities started coming in. The last one stepped in, looking completely different from the rest as it was clothed in military style clothes, and even wearing a army beret on it's head. The female quickly looked up, showing no fear in her eyes, and even smirking at the shadow leader. "I didn't realize that they let creatures into the military." She said, keeping the smirk on her face. The leader didn't smile, frown, look angry, or anything else. A straight face was all that was presented on it's featureless face. "They'll take anyone who is willing to follow orders, and give them as well." The leader said as it walked up to the female in a formal fashion. Once it was a foot away, it's eyes were now visible as red orbs that could bore into anyone's souls. It didn't move it's head down, but it's eyes were clearly looking down at the female on the wooden chair. "And my order for you in the future, is to not speak unless I give you permission to. Do you understand me?" It said, sternly and with so much controlled darkness within every word. The leader was trying to force the image of pride and brutality within the female's mind to frighten her, but instead she just continued to grin as she spoke back. "Looks like you just love giving orders, huh? Look buddy, you're not in the military anymore, and not everyone's going to follow as you say just because you have 'experience'." She said back. The leader continued to look down upon the female, but it wasn't long before it brought it's hand back and struck her across the face, hard enough to knock the entire chair over. The leader then turned around without any look or feel of guilt anywhere on it as it walked away. Two of the other shadow men rushed over, picked the chair up and placed the female back right side up. Now she was mad, no one was ever going to hit her like that and get away with it. "Your friends, they have failed. They search and yet they'll never find you. I will end your life, here and now, as I promised them." It said as it stopped and turned back around, looking at the female once again with its blood red eyes. Every other shadow man turned their heads to the side a little according to the female and stared. The female looked all around, seeing the creature's expression becoming more and more hungry, ready to rip at her and tear her apart limb by limb. She then grinned once more. "Never... ever corner a beast." She simply said before she gripped the arms of the chair, her strength multiplying rapidly as she shattered the arms of the chair first before she quickly stood up, extending her own arms to break the very chair that she was bound to. This was now her chance to escape from this hell, even if she was greatly outmatched.

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